We will do it! Our First Ember meetup!

Hi guys,

Ember Serbia community has started and first meetup will be held on Wednesday (29/03/2017) at 06:00pm in FSD offices (Novosadskog sajma st, 2). You are all invited to contribute to the community and join our meetups.

Fist meetup schedule:

  • Intro and Welcome (18:00 - 18:10)
  • Theme: Communications between components and event bus (18:10 - 18:35)
  • Lecturer: Pavle Lošić

See you! :)

Impression from First Ember Serbia meetup


We did it! Our First Ember Serbia meetup!

Hear ye, hear ye !

The first EmberSerbia meet up has been held in Novi Sad on March 29th and was hosted by FSD ltd. About 30 knowledge hungry enthusiasts from Belgrade, Subotica, Kraljevo and Novi Sad were present, while discussing major trends and issues related to Ember framework.

The main topic of the first community gathering was "Communication between components by using EventBus and PubSub pattern". Pavle Lošić from FSD doo gave a quick and solid analysis of usage of this pattern in Ember and its benefits and drawbacks.

Besides this talk, participants had opportunity to present themselves and their familiarity and usage of Ember and other javascript frameworks. For the end, group has decided on a visual look of new Ember Tomster logo, frequency and content of future Ember Serbia MeetUps.

Chillin' and tea table conversation with free drinks, VR games and oldschool table football were also included.

See you at the next Ember MeetUp that will be held on 26th of April 2017.

Stay tuned for more news about Ember js. and upcoming events.